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      Introduction of fault cause and elimination method of precision punch press

              Precision punch in the operation sometimes appear some small fault is very inevitable, know some of the fault causes and cleaning knowledge of precision punch, especially some of the small fault cleaning method, to ensure the normal operation of the punch production, in this precision punch manufacturers will briefly introduce the common fault causes and cleaning.

              I. Upper and lower clamping mode after clicking:

              When the upper and lower clamping block stops the action, please disengage the clutch according to the following method.

              1. The bearing of the crankshaft must be admitted before or after the bottom dead center;

              2. Adjust the air pressure of the clutch to 4-5 and 5kg/cm2;

              3. After the lower dead point, the motor can be turned in accordance with the original positive rotation. If it is the lower dead point, the flange of the motor should be changed to connect in opposite direction to make the motor reverse;

              4. Make the motor start, drive the pulley to idling, and then reverse at full speed;

              5. Switch the operation switch to (inching) and then press the operation button switch to make the slider rise to the starting point after repeated operation for several times.

              2. Method of disengaging the overload safety protection device (limited oil pressure overload safety device) :

              1. Switch the check valve in the piping of the overload device to make the oil pump unable to operate;

              2. Unplug the screw in the oil circuit of the overloaded safety protection device in front of the slider to make the oil flow away. The pressure inside reduces, and then fix the screw in the original position;

              3. Make the motor drive the pulley to idle and then run at full speed;

              4. Switch the operation switch to inching and press release operation button switch. If the clutch fails to operate, switch the overload switch to the reset orientation, and then press release button again to make the slider rise to the orientation of the starting point;

              5. Open the check valve switch of the pipe in the overload device after the upper and lower die clicking and disengaging. The reset operation sequence is the same as that of the overload safety device.

              Iii. Oil-pressure overload reset:

              Hydraulic overload safety device is installed inside the slider. Please indicate the switch on the operating panel at the normal position. When the punch overload occurs, the safety protection state of oil in the oil pressure chamber disappears when the oil is extruding under overload. Please reset it in the following order.

              1. Switch the operation switch to the inching position and operate the snap-switch to make the slider rise to the position of the starting point;

              2. When the slider rises to the starting point, the safety protection device recovers after about one minute, and the oil pump stops;

              3. After the inching test, the normal work can be carried out.


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