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    Why is precision punch so widely used

            Why is precision punch so widely used? Do you want to know? In fact, punch products are a lot of types, the use of time can also understand a lot, but there are some reasons for precision punch to understand or compare good! Besides, they are of great importance to our production.

            Precision punch through the motor drive pulley, drive belt drive pulley scroll passive, automatic, and automatic crankshaft pulley and driven by the crankshaft gear reverse rotation of the crankshaft drives the automatic stamping, automatic right of the crankshaft and the crankshaft by the reverse rotation at the same rate, and the four groups of crank connecting rod drive on which the synchronous movement leads, the four connecting rod shaft of 2 are connected by a slider on the lower end of the equipment department activities, and in the bottom four connecting rod driven reciprocating movement up and down reciprocating sliding punch in the upper die and lower die and mold by the relative motion of the stamping sheet in it.

            A non-plate part or equipment that disengages a working part from the outer surface of a punch. The unloading plate is a fixed or movable plate-shaped part that disengages material or work (sequence) from a punch. Discharging plate is sometimes made into one with the guide plate, and play the role of guiding material, still called discharging plate. The unloading screw is a screw fixed to the pressure unloading plate to limit the stop bearing of the pressure unloading plate.

            Precision punch in order to improve the service life of fine punch, it is required to prevent direct sunlight and other thermal radiation, but also to prevent too wet, too much dust or corrosive gas. Corrosion gas is easy to make electronic components corroded after transmutation, resulting in bad contact or short circuit between components and affect the normal operation of CNC punch.


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