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      Consequences of not maintaining punch equipment

              A punch press is a punching press. In the production, the stamping process than the traditional mechanical processing has to save data and energy, high efficiency, low technical requirements for the operator and through a variety of mold applications can do mechanical processing can not reach the product these advantages, so it is more and more widely used.

              For punch equipment, daily maintenance is very important, because good maintenance can effectively extend the service life of equipment, improve work efficiency. Therefore, if the equipment cannot be effectively maintained, or the equipment cannot be maintained for a long time, then the equipment will be damaged. For example:

              Stroke adjustment screw: refilling once per shift, and filling smooth oil. Refill about 3 ml at a time (press the oil can 3-4 times).

              Results without maintenance: 1. The stroke adjustment does not move, and the stroke wrench sleeve is damaged. 2. Ball head screw is damaged.

              Second, the manipulator: each shift fills once, fills the smooth oil. Refill about 0.5 ml at a time (press the oil can 2-3 times).

              Results without maintenance: 1. Traction electromagnet tension load is too heavy, electromagnet coil burns down; 2. 2, the operation of the slider is not sensitive, slow response, the machine continues to work, causing accidents. 3. Affect the service life of the slider.

              Clutch: 2 times per shift, smooth oil. Fill about 10 ml at a time (press the oil pot for half a pot)

              1. Severe wear and damage of left and right copper bushing; 2. Severe wear of crankshaft; 3. Operation key is broken; 4. Pin damage; 5. Reduced work efficiency;

              Four, punch transmission bearing: left, right side each plate. Once a month, the calcium - based grease smooth oil. Each loaded with about 100 grams, (capacity Φ grease gun 50 * 150 mm, with each injection oil gun a third)

              Unmaintained results: 1. Bearing damage; 2, drive shaft wear severe; 3, high speed transmission gear wear severe; 4, triangle belt severe wear.

              Five, have smooth transformation valve: rotary yellow for fixed lines, fixed line and dial to align the, is through to dial 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5 import 2 times per shift listed oil hose, 70 ﹪ calcium base grease filling mix oil mixed with 30 ﹪ machine oil 1, 2, 4 each filling oil cup 10 mm 3, 5 each filling oil cup 7 mm oil oil cup twice (110 mm), mixed oil filling.

              1. The connecting rod tile is severely worn and damaged; 2. Crankshaft copper bearing is severely worn and damaged; 3, slide rail severe wear.

              Vi. Brake: Fill once a day and about 1 ml of smooth oil each time (press the oil can 1-2 times).

              Unmaintained results: 1. Shaft sleeve damage; 2. 2. The axle sleeve does not rotate, resulting in the brake belt cracking and damage; 3, affect the punch service life;

              Vii. Climbing wheel: fill once a day, about 1 ml of mixed oil each time (press the oil pot 1-2 times)

              The result of not maintaining: the climbing car is not sensitive and reduces the working efficiency.

              8. High speed transmission gear and working gear: once a day, the mixing gear with 70% calcium base oil and 30% mechanical oil will be filled to stop rotation, and the mixing oil will be filled with 1 or 2 pieces of oil and evenly applied in the middle of the gear

              Results without maintenance: 1, gear wear severe; 2. Tooth loss.

              It can be seen from the content of the article that the punch press is composed of several structural components, each component needs regular maintenance, maintenance cycle and methods are described in the article. Stamping production is mainly for the plate. Through the mold, can make blanking, punching, forming, deep drawing, dressing, fine blanking, shaping, riveting and kneading parts and so on, widely used in various fields. Such as the switch sockets we use, cups, cupboards, dishes, computer cases, even missile planes... There are a lot of parts can be used to punch through the mold production.


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